Trainings Developed

L1 – Leadership From the Heart
Life should be about what you can do, not what you cannot do.  In Leadership from the Heart you will realize the power of leading yourself, and when you lead yourself others will follow. This workshop is highly experiential.  You will not learn “how to” be a strong and confident leader, you will practice being one.

L2 – The Battle
The highly acclaimed sequel to L1- Leadership from the Heart.  Because of the strength, energy, confidence, problem solving, and focus you must demonstrate to complete L2 - The Battle, it will be a 2 ½ days you will always remember. Get ready to meet the absolute best of yourself!  If you are ready to experience a more empowered way of living, you will commit to do whatever it takes to be at
L2 - The Battle.

Money Matters: The Psychology of Wealth
Throughout history leaders have always been able to manage their resources, today it is no different.  Money Matters- The Psychology of Wealth will teach you the principles that will help you be financially successful in any financial climate.